MA in Mass Communication and Community Journalism

The need of the day is to experience the global interaction in community level. Mass communication is one of the fast-growing fields for research and employment in our time. Media and entertainment industry also holds out promise for an exciting career for the creative youth. Simultaneously, mass communication has the potential to act as a catalyst for growth and development and negotiate challenging issues like violence, poverty, illiteracy, health, environment, and consumerism that threatens to destabilize the society. This will open up, in the days to come, the need for competent creative and technical media specialists who would be able to combat the challenges of the situation.

This task requires committed, competent professionals and leaders who are able to combine strong analysis with personal capability to communicate to the mass through different medium particularly electronic.

The syllabus of the Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Community Journalism has been designed at this Institute by a team of professionals in this field to cater to the specific requirement of a rapidly developing industry. It is, in many ways, unique in nature because of its philosophy and practical applications.

The syllabus offers a comprehensive in-depth perspective about mass communication in the twenty-first century. It also focuses on skill development to enhance employment opportunities of the students in a highly competitive job market. The course is also designed to encourage students to explore self employment.
The Institute provides extensive Internship facilities to the students in different media and corporate sectors including industry visits by campus aptitude test. This will enhance the individual capacity of content development to execute the same in different forms either in print or audiovisual media houses to satisfy the requirements of the global audience.
Subjects under MA Course in Mass Communication and Community Journalism:-
Mass Communication, Basic Journalism (Reporting, Writing & Editing), Advanced Journalism ( Political & Social Journalism, Financial Journalism), Electronic Journalism (Television & Radio), Communication & Development, Community Communication, Corporate Communication, Media Management & Economics, Media productions, Research Methodologies, Media Law, Degree Film Making,  Elective Papers (Lifestyle Feature/ Travel & Tour Management, Sports Management/ Event Management).